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Beauty Tip: Accept Yourself For Who You Are Right Now At This Very Moment

The first step to happiness is self acceptance, when we see ourselves as uniquely and wonderfully made we can then see how important the part we play in the big picture is. Its not about being conceited or arrogant, its about realizing your worth. Make a pledge to no longer bet against yourself before anyone else has the chance to.

3 Steps To Self Acceptance

1. Create a self-accepting voice. “This is the most important and helpful thing you can do to work on your self-acceptance,” . Specifically, pay attention to your automatic negative thoughts. Then pause and ask yourself: “What am I feeling?” and “What do I need?” Focus on “creating the self-accepting voice that validates you and provides what you need in that moment.” Let’s say your automatic thought is “I’m so stupid! I can’t do anything right!” Hold your arms or your heart. “[Do] whatever feels soothing and comforting. The goal is not only to rewire your thoughts, but also to comfort and soothe your nervous system.”
2. Feel uncomfortabl…

How To Style Shimmer

Hi y'all! Its Sheena here with How to Style, and today we are focusing on Shimmer. Who doesn't love a little shimmer every now and then!?!? If you're gonna go shimmery in my opinion you should go full on. For my look I chose to pair my shimmer dress and cover up with thigh high boots. I love this look because I felt the full on glow. You can try it on a top or pair it with a bag. I love the way Rihanna paired her shimmer with destroyed denim. If you're not into all the sparkle try it on your feet. Trying it on a pair of socks may be the perfect solution. A little bit goes a long way. I love the shimmer on a sleeveless body con because you don't have to do much else. It speaks for itself!
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