Friday, December 29, 2017

Sheena's Daily Dose Of Celebrity Style Featuring #ArielWinter #JLo #Halsey & #Geazy

In TODAY's episode of Sheena's Daily Dose of Celebrity Style we've got a couple...couples and Some Timbs. But First we have Ariel Winter in an all black look. I'm wishing it was that warm where I am....but I digress. Loving this casual look and the dark hair...she definitely makes her pieces hit.
Celebrity Style Couple G Eazy and Halsey were spotted out in a pair of super comfy looks. The shoes are the winners for this pair, and Timbs on women are apparently the move this season. Go get you a pair, GIRL!
One of our fave Celebrity Style pairs Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriquez were spotted out spending some duckets. He wore J's and she wore Timbs. Looking like the hood's finest! Let me know what you think of these looks!

Thanks for tuning into Sheena's Daily Dose!

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