Hi! Its Sheena Kali here, the girl behind the blog, Style By Sheena.
I work as a blogger and a SUPERSTAR Self Image coach.
I love bringing out what makes you Uniquely YOU!
My blog is known for its tongue in cheek approach to style.
Through my self image coaching
I SHIFT the Mind, Body & Self Image to bring out your best YOU.

Style By Sheena is the place where I celebrate my love for style. I'm a total girly, girl, so its to be expected. The blog was born out of a need for offbeat girls like me to have a blog that reflected our multifaceted interest in style and all the things that influence our style in more of a tongue in cheek fashion.

My passion for fashion began early on and grew when I started a lifestyle brand in 2009 with Aaron Cohen, called Children of the Now.

I am currently on a wild ride, exploring my own sense of fun and flirty style, while at the same time, attempting to give the girls some inspiration.
I listen to Spotify and visit the Shaderoom in the morning while drinking my Hazelnut Iced Coffee.

When I’m not blogging or hanging out in my high heels, I’m a full time image and marketing consultant.
I also create content for YouTube, which have been watched over 100k times .
Lets Socialize on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat (StyleBySheena), Facebook,  and YouTube.

Have you ever felt like you needed a push to get to the next level? Do me a favor and check out my latest passion project THE 90 Day SHIFT a comprehensive program created by me that will SHIFT you Mind, Body and Self Image in 90 Days.

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