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So Apparently Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter is Cheating With A Woman Who Lives In Nike Slides... How Dreadful!!! See Pics Here #WendyShow #WendyWilliams #SharinaHudson

The Daily Mail UK broke the news that Wendy Williams Husband has been cheating for a decade. The tragedy of the situation is that he apparently moved her into a home right down the street from the talk show queen. There are only a few public pictures of the mistress Sharina Hudson, but one thing is apparent ... she loves those Nike slides. hmmmmm.... Well anyways, Kevin Hunter you have some explaining to do. Check out pics below of all the players involved....What are you thoughts?

Let's Celebrate Cardi B's #1 Single By Looking Back At Her Stylish Moments Along The Way #Billboard #CardiB #TaylorSwift #BodakYellow

Whether it be a big bushy mane, or a blonde bob,  Cardi B has a style all her own. She is a risk taker when it comes to image and we love that about her. She sometime opts for looks from small designers but you will catch her in the big names as well. Her flare for eye catching cuts and colors are totally spotlight worthy. Check out a few of her fab looks below:
What do you think of these look?!

If You Are Wondering What #KevinHart Saw in Mistress #MontiaSabbag Take A Look At These Pics ... #Style

Kevin Hart's Mistress Montia Sabbag was spotted out handling business in a cute two piece look. The look featured a cropped hoodie with wide sleeves and a fitted jogging pant in a pale pink hue. I love this look because its perfect for a petite frame and the It Shoe of the moment, so happen to be aptly title "CREEPERS" by Puma. Subtle. The bob and pale makeup pair well with everything. Wonder where she got the two piece... What do you think of this look?

Old Kanye Vs. New Kanye.... Which Look Are You Loving? #KanyeWest

Kanye West was spotted out and about sporting what has been called "Dad Bod" Is this the new trend? Some of our faves including Beyonce and Rihanna have been rocking newly thicker physiques. There have been various rumors that he could possibly be on anti-depressants or it could be considered "happy weight". Either way we love Kanye... What are you thoughts on  his new look?
If you are more keen on buff Kanye, here's a little eyecandy for you...

The #CelebrityStyle GIRLs Guide to Wearing a Crewneck Ft. @SelenaGomez @Rihanna & @Ciara @vibessapparel #Athleisure

The athleisure trend has been going strong for seasons now. While wearing sweats is certainly not a new idea, we have seen the resurgence of the Crewneck on some of our top Celebrity Style GIRLs. The name “Crew neck” comes from the word crew as they were the types of shirts worn by oarsmen on a boat. The Crew neck features a round neck which is designed to sit around the base of the wearer’s neck, usually following the line of the collarbone. The neckline of the sweater itself is usually ribbed and sewn on as a separate piece giving a textured and raised look. The Crew neck is considered a “casual” style and will usually see very little wear in a formal setting... until now. 1. Crop it - this look is for the daring, try a cropped look to bring the crewneck from day to night. 2. Design or Detail- Look for a crewneck with a design or detail that amps up the style factor. Ciara opted for a cold shoulder crewneck for her courtside look, in a fabulous grey color.  3. Top and Bottom - Find a se…

Get The Look: #CelebrityStyle GIRL #VictoriaBeckham at #NYFW