Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sheena's Daily Dose Of Celebrity Style Featuring the Cast of #VH1's #LHHMiami #Trina #TrickDaddy #AmaraLaNegra #ShayJohnson #VeronicaVega & #BobbyLytes

In TODAY's episode of Sheena's Daily Dose of Celebrity Style we have the cast of Love and Hip Hop Miami...and it was a true battle of the blondes. The Platinum blondes. Trina also known as The Baddest showed up and showed out in a red lip to match her red lace catsuit. Starting the year off with a bang. If you haven't caught their first episode its a definite must see. They are giving lots of Lights, Cameras, & Drama!

Next up we have Shay Buckey Johnson also known as Pleasure P's Girl. She went for a bit of an edgy yet modern cut and paired it with a suit. The blonde actually suits her really well.... I like!
Next up we have JoJo Zarur who looked flawless in Dare to Be Vintage. I love their looks, freaking amazing. She topped off this daring look with a sleek hair look and demure makeup. Big ups for that Miami Glow.

Pleasure P Got all Pretty Ricky on em with this look, the shades and the roses on the collar are everything.

Trick Daddy Dollars did his usual, plain t-shirt with the SUPER Nice chain; and the bleached jeans are definitely so Miami.

Gunplay dressed up a little for the occasion, but kept his shades on.

Juju and Mona were gorgeous in red..... Love both of their looks, and their makeup was impeccable.

Amara La Negra killed this look and sparkled from head to toe... Amazing.

Michelle Pooch wore a sheer look and straight locks. Very, very chic.

Radio personality Felisha Monet wore a wrap dress and a top knot, you cant go wrong with understated glamour.

Bobby Lytes highlighted his personality with this look, love it! He takes a risk on the regular and it works. Who would have thought you could pair flowers and plaid.  This look is not for the faint at heart.

Prince Marni in the pink.... what more can I say. Giving us a lil Cam'ron vibe.

 Simply Jess and Veronica Vega showed off amazing individual style. I love a bomber or a hoodie! Let me know what you think of these looks!

Thanks for tuning into Sheena's Daily Dose!

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